Tuition Fees


Fee Type Cost/ KD
Computer Service 50 per regular semesters and 25 for summer semester 
Students Activities   20 per regular semesters and 10 for summer semester
Application form fees  MBA 20  and Pre-MBA 30 
Admission Fees MBA 20  and Pre-MBA 10 
Pre-MBA Course Fees (not part of regular MBA course) 600  per subject
Each MBA subject is three credits  Each credit costs 240 (720 per subject)
Locker Fee 5  (for the entire course period) voluntary
Grade Appeal Fee 3 (voluntary)
Transcript Fee 5  (voluntary)
Scientific Courses 20 (voluntary)


Note: Except the Tuition Fees, Application Form Fees and Admission Fees, all other fees are the same for MBA and undergraduates.

Dropping Courses or Withdrawal from University

Students wishing to drop a course(s) or withdraw from the University should formally inform the Registration and Admission Department in writing and follow approved procedures.

Similarly, Failure to attend class does not mean a student has dropped a course unless the official documentation has been processed. Drop fees will be charged based on the following:


Deduction %

First Week


Second Week


Third Week


Fourth Week


Cancellation Fees

Students who have enrolled and paid their fees but don’t wish to attend the university may cancel their registration any time before the first day of the semester. Cancellation Forms may be obtained at the Admission and Registration Department. Students will be charged KD 100 as Cancellation Fees.