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The MBA@GUST offers its students the opportunity to engage in consultancy workshops.

With a wide range of industry-based consultancy projects MBA students can choose the ones that are closer to their interests and program concentrations and work with other students as a team to solve real problems faced by the industry.  

Often, industry problems require immediate attention, and as a result, these projects are of short duration. Upon completion of the study, a team produces and submits a formal report to both the organization / company and University and makes a presentation of their findings and recommendations to the management of the organization.

Professor Simintiras, the new MBA Director has said that ‘consultancy workshops offer the needed platform for matching the wealth of talent at GUST MBA with the need to innovate in the industry. A crossing point that Education and Industry should tirelessly stimulate and support”.

Professor Simintiras and the MBA team will welcome the opportunity to meet and explore opportunities for collaboration concerning the MBA@GUST consultancy workshops.

To find out more about the consultancy workshops please contact the MBA team at:


GUST MBA program welcomes students at Spring 2014-2015 Orientation

Date: 13th January 2015

GUST MBA program organized the Spring 2014/2015 Orientation where students were greeted by the MBA Director, Professor Issam Moughrabi who started with greeting the new students and later emphasized the importance of relating what students learn to their jobs in order to maximize their learning. He also explained to them the nature of the program, its objectives and the importance of sharing work experience among other colleagues to diversify the experience students will gain during their progress in the program. It was emphasized that the CBA (including the MBA) had become AACSB accredited. Hence, the programs the College offers bear world-renowned standards, as stipulated by the accrediting body.


Students were also introduced to the online systems available at GUST, which provide them with easy online access to all student related information, registration, payments, as well as access to class material and assignments, all of which emphasize GUST’s steadfast approach to the utilization of IT and the automation of services. Students also got a glimpse of the process maker system; a ticketing system that provides MBA students with efficient service regarding any requests they require. Students were finally given a tour of the GUST Library and the different facilities available to students within the campus.


 GUST MBA Program participating in QS World MBATour Fair 

Fall 2014


Kuwait, 27th November 2014

The MBA Program at Gulf University for Science and Technology took part in the QS World MBA Tour fair for Fall 2014 that took place on Thursday 27th November 2014 at Holiday Inn (Downtown), Kuwait.

The fair hosted some of the world universities from USA: Fordham University, George Washington University and University of Miami; from United Kingdom: Brunel University, University of Manchester; from Spain: IE Business School; and the only university representing Kuwait was: Gulf University for Science and Technology.

According to the fair agenda, the registration opened at 17:00 followed by 8 Minute B-School Snapshot Sessions during which Prof. Issam Al-Moughrabi gave brief presentation about the MBA Program in GUST, then a Panel discussion-Getting into Business School was presented by University of Manchester, IE Business School, George Washington University and Brunel University.

The fair started at 19:00 offering for interested individuals the opportunity to meet face to face with GUST MBA staff who were available to answer the prospective student's inquiries and provide the fair visitors with advice on the MBA Program and the admissions criteria.

 The QS World MBA Tour event ended at 21:00 by thanking the organizers and attendees, it was a great event giving Gulf University for Science and Technology a good chance to provide free help with finding the perfect MBA program; A unique matching service based on both the visitor and the business schools requirements and Free consultation from our team of MBA to discuss post MBA career opportunities with experts.


The MBA Program at GUST welcomes Zain's Social Media Team Leader for the seminar: "The social networking for companies"

Kuwait - November 16, 2014:

The MBA Program at Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) hosted a seminar about Customer Experience Management in Social Media presented by Mr. Mohammad Al-Muhaini, Social Media Team Leader at Zain. Zain was the first telecom company to create a social media department.


Al-Muhaini discussed the steps that Zain followed when it came to social media, which included: creating creative channels on social media, observing people behavior and reactions, informing people about Zain’s services and products, educating them on the brand, building trust through quick responses and solutions, changing mentality, selling quality products, and thinking globally but acting locally. Getting feedback on different communication is important, in order to ensure future improvement.

Also, Al-Muhaini talked about several aspects of the social media at Zain and how they believe that is about participation and openness and they give their customers the opportunity to express how they really feel in the language they feel comfortable with. Zain believes that social media is a community which they’ve developed to create conversation.

He also highlighted the importance of connectiveness; because Zain is international brand so it’s important to stay connected to their other markets like Zain Jordan and Bahrain.

The department focuses a lot on organizing events throughout the year as well as competitions to achieve higher engagement between their customers and the brand and gain more customers. They take pride in solving their customers’ problems, sometimes at a faster speed than the call center, because of the constant connection on social media. And one of their most important tasks is sharing reports and news with the company CEO.

Bringing in working professionals to speak to the students is one of the main highlights of the MBA program at GUST, where it lends itself to the importance of practical knowledge in the work environment not just textbook theory.



GUST welcomes Saad Al-Barrak for MBA Seminar on

"Leading Change"

Date: November 5, 2014.

The MBA Office organized a seminar for its students entitled: "Leading Change," which was presented by former CEO of Zain Telecom, and Chief Executive Officer of ILA Group, Dr. Saad Al-Barrak.

Dr. Al-Barrak was welcomed and introduced by GUST MBA Director, Dr. Issam El-Moughrabi and Dr. Kathleen Park.
Dr. Al-Barrak started his presentation by explaining a model developed by a professor at Harvard University, John Kotter, named Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model and details how to change successfully as applied by Zain Telecom to take it from the local to the international playing field.

He noted that his participation in the seminar stems from his belief that it’s important for businessmen to interact with the community and in particular, in the field of education and business students. This is a method practiced all over the world, to interact and create an open dialogue with students and add value to their education and their experience to business.

Dr. Al-Barrak explained that leading change is one of the most daunting and most important tasks of a management position, but is necessary to take the institution from a stagnant situation into a new progressive dimension desired by all; where you convince people on the necessity and inevitability of change by confronting the risks and threats and capitalizing on the strengths to take advantage of the opportunities to achieve big goals. He focused on the importance of forming a good team and strong communication to ensure the success of leading change.
Adding, "In the case of failure are working on the development of the finest system and constantly being a continuous process, led by distinctive and ambitious to achieve the objectives of the change
Barrak said in replying to questions from the audience about the source and origin of the change: "Change is an integrated process share and collaborate where everyone, do not believe in the existence of the base or summit in human societies," You all of Adam and Adam is from dust, "and the ability to persuasion change is Boukovk on one level with others and convince them that they are competent and are equal. "

In his part, Dr. Issam El-Moughrabi, MBA Director, noted that the aim of the seminar is to link everything the students learn in the classroom with practical and real-life business situations. This would help the students get more of an understanding and insight into the theories they learn and be able to apply these experiences when they graduate.  




GUST MBA held entrepreneurship lecture by Dr. Robert Mauro Institute of Global Leadership Director



Date: 8 June 2014

GUST MBA Program welcomed Dr. Robert M. Mauro, Director of the Institute of Global Leadership at Boston College and Director of the Irish Institute, to the university and seized the opportunity for a lecture on "Entrepreneurship within larger Organizations" for their students.



Dr. Mauro presented a lecture about the "Entrepreneurship within larger Organizations" which comprised that academics, governments and policy makers, and leaders in business development have been vigorously debating entrepreneurship and innovation since the early 1970s. Emerging out of these debates, new academic disciplines, government policies and leadership and financial mechanisms were develop and deployed. During this time business schools began to offer degrees in Entrepreneurship, governments created innovation districts, and angel investors and venture capitalists began to look for the next innovative product or service at university labs and coffee shops. The majority of these debates and related practices, however, focused on the entrepreneur with a start-up innovation and idea.


Instead of focusing solely on independent individuals and teams, we can also think about innovation and entrepreneurship in large institutions and organizations. While this is sometimes called entrepreneurship, what it means to develop an innovative idea within an organization or to be innovative and promote entrepreneurship across all of its departments has not been investigated in great detail. Through three case studies: Human Terrain System at the U.S. Army, Biogen Idec, and Boston College; Dr. Mauro suggests that innovation in a large organization requires individuals with superior networking skills and an ability to continuously connect and negotiate with colleagues across their organization.


Dr. Mauro spent the best part of a decade conducting research and lecturing in a number of different universities in Ireland and Northern Ireland. He is Board Chair of Irish Network Boston, a board advisor to The Frederick Douglass- Daniel O’Connell Project, and a member of both the Boston Irish Business Association’s board of directors and the Wild Geese Network of Irish Scientists Steering Committee. Dr. Mauro is a recipient of a “Top 40 under 40” in Irish-America award.

GUST continues to welcome esteemed representatives like Dr. Mauro to benefit and expand the knowledge and experience of their students.


GUST President-Prof. Donald Bates presented a seminar to MBA students in the "Strategy in Culture"

Date: 20th April 2014 

The GUST MBA program organized a seminar entitled "Strategy in Culture" which was presented by the GUST President, Professor Donald Bates to MBA students at the university.

Prof. Bates began the seminar by emphasizing that many managers change their career tracks several times in their lifetime and the image of students entering college knowing exactly what they will do throughout their careers is not true.  While many people plan their careers, just as many end up in theirs by pure chance. He used his personal path as an example of how   family responsibilities and developing opportunities can shape and evolve your career path to reach where you are. It is important to constantly grow your capabilities and be open to trying new, different and challenging assignments.

He then emphasized that a change in strategy, for most firms, is driven by external factors that force them to change how they relate to elements in their environment. The strategic change is seldom radical.  To illustrate, he used an example from his time as a consultant for a pipeline: you can’t physically move the pipeline but you can change the customers and products through the pipeline. For the most part, strategic changes are adjustments in current operations. However, if the adjustments are to have the desired effect they must be implemented throughout the entire organization.  He used another example from his time as a consultant for Sea Ray Boat; as boating is a hobby relatable to students in the Gulf.

The first concept he debunked was “if it is not broken don’t fix it.” He stressed that if you follow this concept, you will permit your competition to catch up and even surpass you. He recommended instead, “if it’s not broken, break it yourself,” to constantly improve your organization and stay on top of the competition. 

 The second concept he illustrated was that one must adjust the organizational culture to support the new direction of the company and overcome the resistance to change. If you don’t adjust the culture, you will not get the change you want. To adjust culture, the organization must provide training and give the employees an opportunity to perform. From there, the company should create heroes out of early adopters of the new culture; and if necessary, penalize those who don’t get onboard. The most important thing is to reward performance that is in line with the new culture and not reward the performance you don’t want; as this may send the wrong message.

 Prof. Bates' presentation highlighted the importance of the following:

    - Be prepared for change

    - Always be concerned about improving all aspect of your organization

    - Strategy changes are not huge changes

    - Adjust the culture to support the strategy

    - Reward performance that supports the desired culture and don’t reward the performance that doesn’t.

The seminar was a big success and beneficial to all audiences. The overall atmosphere was highly engaging and accessible. 

At the end of the seminar, Prof. Bates answered a few questions from the attendees and they were invited to a snack and beverage buffet.


Date: 16 April 2014

GUST MBA welcomes Mohammad Husain for Building a Winning Culture seminar


GUST MBA program welcomed Equate CEO; Mr. Mohammad Husain, for a seminar entitled: “Building a Winning Culture.” The lecture was well attended by MBA students and faculty and focused on company culture and stakeholders.

Mr. Husain emphasized the significance of the stakeholders to any business. He talked about the importance of establishing and maintaining a constructive relationship and open communication between a company and its various stakeholders. This is so the stakeholders can provide their feedback and concerns and the company can listen and respond. Paying attention to key stakeholder relationships is and has always been a major notion in strategic management.


The speaker emphasized the significance of trust between the organization and its stakeholders. It was deemed as one of the most important decisions when questioning whether or not to continue a business relationship. Mr. Husain gave examples of failed Kuwaiti projects caused by anomalous relationships with stakeholders. He also noted that establishing long term relationships with organizations can minimize the amount of time spent negotiating; though this does not mean that the organization can become complacent.


Mr. Husain also emphasized that the top management of any company should ensure that its employees as well as suppliers are treated fairly and equitably and that a winning culture should be founded and maintained.


GUST aims to provide its students with many opportunities such as this one, to listen and learn from the experience of prominent individuals and change makers in the community. It adds a practical and dynamic aspect to the educational experience.


Date: March 9th, 2014

Prof. Ghassan Aouad presents a seminar about leadership


GUST's MBA program organized a seminar entitled: "Leaders: Are they Born or Made?" presented by Prof. Ghassan Aouad, Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The presentation was very influential and interesting as Prof. Ghassan Aouad is an attention-grabbing speaker. Although his seminar was based on leadership, a topic which most people have some understanding of, he added more intriguing ideas and pointers regarding leadership and its characteristics.

He provided examples from his personal experience in Kuwait and abroad which made the presentation more lively and easier to relate to.


The Seminar was a big success as Prof. Donald Bates; GUST President, over 120 MBA students and GUST faculty members and staff attended the seminar. The seminar was highly beneficial to all segments, explaining ideas and theories related to existing and aspirational leaders. The overall atmosphere was highly engaging with students and faculty alike being active participants in the seminar. Moreover, there were a few questions that added to the topic at hand including: "What are the qualities of a good leader?" the list kept growing and growing with the diverse output from the attendees.

At the end of the presentation, it was concluded that leaders are neither born nor made, but they can be born, made, or both together. To quote Kenneth Blanchard:  "The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority."

The seminar ended successfully with an interesting video about leadership, defining leadership qualities, and presenting some photos of famous leaders around the world, followed by a small snack and beverage buffet.


Written By: Yousef Al-Ayoub – GUST Student

Edited and Photographed by: Rasha Al-Shalabi – MBA Coordinator



Date: Feb 9th, 2014

The MBA Program welcomes the new Spring 2013-2014 MBA students.


GUST MBA office organized an orientation session on Jan 26th to welcome the new MBA students for the Spring 2013/2014 Semester.


Students were welcomed by Prof. Issam El-Moughrabi, the MBA Director. He explained the nature of the MBA Program, its objectives and the importance of sharing work experience amongst each other. Prof. El-Moughrabi then introduced Prof. Donald Bates, the new GUST President who talked about the importance of attendance and gave students pointers and advice to make their first year in the MBA Program at GUST a pleasant and successful one.


Students were also welcomed by Prof. Ghassan Aouad, the new Vice President for Academic Affairs where he congratulated the MBA students on their acceptance to the MBA Program and encouraged them to work hard and gain the most out of the program.

“GUST is proud to have you here and you are the best part of the MBA program” Prof. Lee G. Caldwell, Dean of Business Administration College said, greeting the new students as well.


Students were also introduced to the online systems available at GUST, which provide them with easy online access to all student related information, registration, payments, as well as access to class material and assignments, all of which emphasizes GUST’s steadfast approach to the utilization of IT and the automation of services. Students also got a glimpse of the process maker system (PMOS); a ticketing system that provides MBA students with efficient service regarding any requests they require.


Then, there was a small buffet break where students had a small snack and beverage, followed by a campus tour given by Ms. Joanne Al-Abdul Jaleel, Public Relations Officer who escorted the students around the campus, starting with the library, followed by the MBA lounge and finally the gym was visited where the students were encouraged to make use of the facilities the University provides.


Date            -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

MBA Seminar on Process Approach

On 24-Nov-13, the MBA Program hosted Engineer Hasnain Haider from K.O.C. in a presentation on Process Approach. The lecture covered the understanding of the concepts, intent and the application of the “process approach” to the ISO 9000 family of Quality Management System standards. The approach may also be used to apply the process approach to any management system regardless the type or the size of organization.


This includes but is not limited to management systems for:

·         Environment (ISO 14000 family),

·         Occupational Health and Safety,

·         Business Risk,

·         Social Responsibility.

Eng. Hasnain also emphasized the promotion of a consistent approach to the description of processes and use of process related terminology.


The purpose of the process approach is to enhance an organization’s effectiveness and efficiency in achieving its defined objectives. In relation to ISO 9001:2008 this means enhancing customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements.


The seminar concluded with a Q&A session.


GUST MBA welcomes Dr. Saad Al-Ajmi for seminar on the Art of Speech Delivery




Rawan Al-Sharif


MISHREF, Kuwait – November 17, 2013. The Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) MBA Office proudly organized a seminar on “The Art of Speech Delivery” with guest speaker Dr. Saad Al-Ajmi, the former Minister of Information and Culture in Kuwait and current professor of linguistics at Kuwait University.  The seminar was about proper preparations before giving a speech, how to communicate effectively and deal with negative reactions from the crowd.


Dr. Al-Ajmi started his presentation by discussing the importance of speech in daily life and the fact that it is a key means of communication, if done properly. To provide perspective, he noted that linguistics see words how dieticians view food and stated that, in speech “You are what you say.”


Dr. Al-Ajmi also shared his experiences as a professor at Kuwait University and how he would include segments about the importance of speech in his daily lectures. He also talked about his experiences abroad when engaging in speeches and debates in places such as the U.S. Senate and on BBC News.


Students and staff that attended the seminar got the opportunity to ask questions through which they learned a lot about discussion, debate and how to ask the right questions.




3 November 2013


GUST VP of Academic Affairs gives seminar for MBA students


Professor Ghassan Aouad, VP of Academic Affairs at GUST hosted a seminar under the title of "A Scenario for Information Technology in Construction: from Innovation to Invention" for GUST MBA students.



Prof. Aouad started with Scenario Planning, which helps decision makers develop a scenario for the future and is considered to be part of the strategic tools. He discussed the future of Kuwait in 2030, in which the likely scenario would be the high availability of oil but with low demand, which means that Kuwait might not have an alternative resource; unlike the United States of America, who is self-sufficient. While the USA depends on resources other than oil, the Gulf Region have sufficient oil on the long term but need to work on honing alternative resources.


In addition, he stressed on planning for the future: "Failing to plan is planning to fail." This statement has different categories "the right way" and "the wrong way." "The right way" is the category in which we have to think, plan, do, reflect, evaluate and learn. While the "the wrong way," is to do, think, deflect, blame, lean on and avoid planning. Prof. Aouad also highlighted the importance of research, creation of new ideas, innovation and the expansion and growth of these ideas. The six key activities are: teaching, research, community outreach, lifelong learning, workplace learning and knowledge transfer."  He discussed the barriers in academics, and noted that most inventions do not make it as innovations because of the lack of champions and lack of motivation, to name a few reasons.


Towards the end of seminar, Prof. Aouad discussed his idea of successful scenario planning which includes organization levels that work on future studies, strategic planning, scenario thinking planning, foresight and futurology; and touched on the forces of change which include steep analysis, issues and trend, politics, economic climate (recessions), society, technology and demographic changes  (population knowledge, education and behavior).


Prof. Aouad’s strongly believes in the importance and value of sharing and exchanging information with the entire GUST community from the students, to the staff and faculty; each with their own topics and each with their own experience and value.





GUST MBA at Avenues Mall



GUST’s MBA program staff participated in the GUST booth at the Avenues mall on 6th and 7th of July 2013 to provide an overview of the MBA program to prospective students. People were very interested in the courses offered, flexibility in the program’s hours and short time of completion.  The MBA staff also provided the MBA application form and answered all questions related to the application requirements and process, and admission dates. 



MBA Q&A Session at Boubyan Bank, 2 July 2013


The MBA Program staff participated in an information session at Boubyan Bank from 9:00 am -1:00 pm on 2nd of July to answer questions about the program for prospective students. Prospects received a walkthrough session about the MBA Program courses that cover diverse business subjects, used in the contemporary corporate arena. The MBA staff also explained admission requirements and how the MBA program could be of great benefit to fulfill career aspirations.

Prospective students showed great interest in joining the program, being especially impressed with the short completion duration and flexibility offered. Prospective students brought their transcripts to confirm their eligibility to enroll in the program, showing great success in generating interest from the information session. 




















 18 April 2013

GUST MBA organize seminar about high level IT in Business
GUST MBA program organized a seminar in collaboration with the American Embassy in Kuwait to talk about high level IT in business with Mr. Gedion Yohannes, Information Management Specialist from the American Embassy Kuwait/IPC.

Yohannes briefly shared his background and experience with the students the started to discuss the importance of IT where it facilitates better financial controls, introduces the hardware and software that gives the foundation of the infrastructure that supports businesses and helps to improve business outcomes through streamlined processes.

Yohannes then moved on to talk about the importance of aligning the IT strategy with the business strategy. “One must always include IT from the beginning,” he noted while sharing a real life bank merger example to illustrate the importance of this point.

The final part of the seminar circled around the key elements of a successful IT unit, which includes specialization, focus on investments and a leader that understands the value of IT, to name a few. 

It was an unexpected topic for the students, but by the end they understood and began to appreciate the value of keeping IT in their minds from the start of the business.



 2 April 2013

GUST MBA organize lecture on Online Fraud: How to protect yourself and your business


GUST MBA program organized a lecture for its students as a part of the Itqan Academy cooperation with Boubyan Bank entitled: Online Fraud: How to protect yourself and your business, which was given by Hassan Abouzeid, Executive Manager of Direct Banking Channels with solid experience in technology, business and operations.

Abouzeid has a track record spanning 25 years in advising financial institutions, managing banking operations, developing strategies, delivering complex projects and leading change initiatives. Prior to joining Boubyan Bank in 2012 as the Head of Direct Channels, he was the Chief Information Officer for HSBC Egypt for 6 years. Prior to that, he was a Senior Banking Technology Consultant for over 15 years, working for Logica and Accenture, where he participated and led many high profile change initiatives for over 20 banks in the Middle East and Europe.

Within the lecture, he discussed the risks involved with online transactions and the many intricate ways that a consumer and a business can implement to avoid online fraud. It is an ongoing and increasing problem worldwide which banks and other corporations are continuously working on solving and improving defenses against. The students were engaged throughout the lecture and Abouzeid welcomed all questions and answered them thoroughly.

Date: 20 February 2013

GUST MBA Students complete course at Florida International University





GUST MBA class successfully completed the Real Estate/International Marketingclass (MRKT 595) at Florida International University (FIU) Graduate School which covered the core principles of Real Estate and International Marketing.

Through this course, the 23 GUST graduate students were introduced to the principles and latest trends in Real Estate and achieved a higher level of education. They also were given techniques to understand the current real estate arena as a whole and develop a clear understanding of various industries. Participants received a certificate of completion to enhance their resumes.

According to Issam Moghrabi, Director of the MBA and Director of the Course Abroad Program, “GUST is committed to graduating globally competent leaders, which means supplying them -- through on-campus and study abroad instruction -- with the knowledge and skills they will need to thrive in tomorrow’s increasingly interconnected economy. Students get to take courses they can't take here, earn credits, travel, mix with different cultures, and grab a flavor of the professional world.”


MBA and Boubyan Bank training       



New Students Orientation

The MBA office held on 16/9/2012 an orientation session for the new Fall 2012-2013 comers into the Program. A warm welcome address and information package were delivered . The MBA Director addressed the issues of concern to all new comers. A library tour then followed. Finally, the gym was visited and students were encouraged to make use of the facilities the University provides.




طلبة الماجستير في GUST أنهوا فصلهم الدراسي بنيويورك
Date: 2012/02/05

كتب يوسف التارمي:

انهى عدد من طلبة الماجستير في جامعة الخليج للعلوم والتكنولوجيا فصلا دراسيا في التمويل بجامعة فوردهام بولاية نيويورك في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية، حيث حظي الطلبة بفرصة مهمة امتدت لعشرة أيام تعلموا خلالها على مادة أزمات التمويل، وتمكن الطلبة خلال هذا الكورس من زيارة العديد من المعالم المهمة في مجال التمويل في ولاية نيويورك مثل سوق نيويورك للاوراق المالية، وناسداك.
وقد عبر الطلبة عن سعادتهم البالغة في اجتياز هذا الكورس بعدما نالوا خبرة مميزة اضافوها لرصيدهم العلمي في مسيرتهم التعليمية، لاسيما مع احتكاكهم مع أهم العقول في عالم التمويل والاقتصاد في الولايات المتحدة الامريكية، وكان هذا الكورس بمثابة الفرصة الثمينة لهم جعلتهم أكثر تميزا وزيادة في محصولهم العلمي.



In pursue of our students’ professional development, the MBA office is planning for the above training session during the vacation in-between the 2 semesters (Jan. 29-Feb2) in the evenings (time to be specified later), free of charge. Graduate Seminar


خلال محاضرة ألقاها المقدم الركن فيصل الجريد في جامعة الخليح الحرس الوطني يؤكد فيها عن أهمية القوى البشرية في الارتقاء بالمنتسبين وصنع القرار.


 أكد مدير مديرية القوى البشرية في الحرس الوطني المقدم الركن فيصل عبد الله الجريد  أهمية الدور المنوط بالمديرية في الارتقاء بمنتسبي الحرس الوطني وتزويد القادة بالمعلومات اللازمة لصنع القرار.

وألقى الجريد محاضرة في جامعة الخليج تحت عنوان ناول فيها نبذة عن نشأة الحرس الوطني والواجبات المنوطة به ، ثم تحدث تفصيليا عن  مهام وإنجازات مديرية القوى البشرية.

وبين الجريد أن الحرس الوطني  هيئة عسكرية مستقلة لا تتبع الجيش أو الشرطة ، ورئيسه عضو في مجلس الدفاع الأعلى ، مشيرا إلى ثلاث مهام رئيسية للحرس وهي : حماية وتأمين منشآت الدولة مثل الوزارات والهيئات الحيوية ، وإسناد الجيش والشرطة في أي عمليات تتطلب الدعم ، إضافة إلى  تشغيل أجهزة الدولة بكوادر وطنية في حال حدث خلل كالذي واجهته البلاد بعد الغزو عندما غادر الكثير من الوافدين إلى بلدانهم  ،لافتا إلى  وجود فرق قادرة على تشغيل المطاحن وتزويد الطائرات بالوقود والعمل على الروافع في الموانئ وغيرها.

ثم تطرق الجريد إلى مديرية القوى البشرية ، وما  تمثله من أهمية في رفد  القادة وصانع القرار بالمعلومات اللازمة لإصدار القرار الصائب ، مشيرا إلى "الفزعة" التي شهدتها المديرية بعد توجيهات سمو الشيخ سالم العلي رئيس الحرس الوطني و معالي الشيخ مشعل الأحمد نائب رئيس الحرس الوطني بتطوير قدرات المنتسبين ، حيث عملت على الارتقاء بجميع الكوادر العاملة في الحرس عبر بعض البرامج مثل برنامج "خبرتي في الحياة" الذي تم الاستعانة فيه بخبراء من عدة دول. .

وأوضح الجريد أن المديرية عملت على وضع الهياكل التظيمية والتوصيف الوظيفي لكل وحدة بنظام النقاط حتى تحصل على مسمى (قسم – إدارة ...إلخ)، مبينا أن تعيين منتسبي الحرس سواء من الضباط الجامعيين أو الضباط وضباط الصف والأفراد يتم من خلال إعلان ،تصحبه  اختبارات وعملية "غربلة" لضم أفضل الكوادر.

وأشار إلى حملة قامت بها مديرية القوى البشرية بالتعاون مع مديرية التوجيه المعنوي بتفقد جميع وحدات الحرس الوطني واستطلاع آراء جميع  المنتسبين للوقوف على الايجابيات والسلبيات ونقلها إلى القيادة التي وجهت بحل مشاكل العسكريين على وجه السرعة.

وفي نهاية المحاضرة استمع المقدم الركن فيصل الجريد إلى أسئلة الطلاب وأجاب عليها بشفافية.






















































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