MBA Curriculum

MBA Curriculum

The MBA program consists of 15 courses (45 credits) distributed as follows:

Core Requirements - 12 Courses (36 credits)
Professional Concentration Electives - 3 courses (9 credits)

No thesis or final project is required.

Core Requirements (12 courses):

ACCT 500    Financial and Managerial Accounting
ECON 503   Economics for Managers
ECON 580   Statistical Analysis for Management Decisions
FIN 501        Financial Management
MIS 500       Management Information Systems
MRKT 505   Contemporary Marketing Concepts
MGMT 500   Law, Ethics and Business
MGMT 501   Management and Organizational Behavior: Theory and Practice
MGMT 511   Quantitative Methods in Business (must have taken ECON 580)

MGMT 551   Human Resources Management (must have taken MGMT 501)

MGMT 521   Production and Operations Management (must complete pre-requisite)

MGMT 581   Strategic Management (must have taken ACC 500, FIN 501, MRKT 505, and MGMT 521)


Professional Concentration Electives (3 courses from the following list):

Accounting (prerequisiteACCT 500)
ACCT 502 Financial Reporting and Analysis
ACCT 508 International Accounting
ACCT 510 Accounting Systems for Management & Planning Control
ACCT 511 Accounting for Decision Makers
ACCT 595 Corporate Governance

Economics (prerequisite ECON 503)
ECON 590 Energy in Natural Resources Economics
ECON 591 International Energy Economics
ECON 592 Globally Integrated Energy Markets
ECON 595 Advanced Topics in Economics

Finance (prerequisite FIN 501)
FIN 504 Corporate Finance
FIN 521 Risk Management
FIN 551 Islamic Financial System
FIN 552 Theory & Practice of Islamic Banking & Insurance
FIN 580 International Finance
FIN 593 Seminar of Islamic Banking and Finance
FIN 595 Topics in Finance

Management (prerequisite MGMT 501)

MGMT 502 Managerial Communications 

MGMT 525 International Logistics and Operations

MGMT 561 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
MGMT 595 Topics in Management

MGMT 597  Special Topics in Management -International Business

Marketing (prerequisite MRKT 505)

MRKT 501 Marketing Management
MRKT 510 Electronic Commerce
MRKT 530 Consumer and Motivational Behavior
MRKT 570 Marketing and Business Research
MRKT 595 Topics in Marketing