Courses Abroad


GUST MBA students completed an off campus course

at The London Stock Exchange Academy- London

4-9 January , 2015


 The MBA Program at GUST organized yet another practical abroad course on “Strengthening capital markets knowledge”for a selected group of MBA students. Such abroad courses have always been widely appreciated by our students and have extended the reputation of the program to other institutions as well as the community in Kuwait. The courses have always served as a tool to build bridges with prestigious world-renowned institutions. The demand for this particular course has been pressing due to the increasing need for the students to gain an insight as well as hands-on experience in conducting stock exchange on sound scientific grounds. The students were introduced during the sessionstothe principles of the stock market and how to create a new idea and put it into practice. Financial analysis of the market fluctuations, IPOs, the role of capital markets in economic development , the fund raising options that capital markets can offer to companies to boost their growth, pre-trade, post-trade and many other concepts.


The course also gave MBA participants the opportunity to present and reflect on their views about the future opportunities offered to Kuwaiti companies by international capital markets.

 The program of the course included enriching company visits to present exemplary practices by leading businesses such as FTSE, Bank of America Merrill Lynch trading desks and others

The 5 day experience aided the students to build knowledge on Corporate Governance and Investor Relations practices, which are key components for a sound management system in listed companies.

The course material was delivered using “active learning” techniques, with interactive case-studies and simulations.



   GUST MBA students completed  an off campus course   

at The Global Leadership Institute- Boston College, U S A

20 -31 May 2014 



The MBA Program organized an abroad course: "Innovation and Negotiation in International Business Management" for a selected group of the MBA students. The course was on demand due to an increasingly global business environment that presents business leaders with new opportunities and chances to innovate; it also presents business leaders with new challenges to overcome. Whether business leaders seek to expand into a foreign market, understand the competitive challenges presented by foreign competitors in a domestic market, or to establish collaborative partnerships on an international scale, innovating to address these challenges is a must.

By attending this program-Innovation and Negotiation in International Business Management- with Boston College, students were able to improve their ability to innovate and solve business problems on a global scale. Through analytical review, case study, and interactive discussions and presentations, students enhanced their ability to provide knowledgeable and skillful leadership for their organizations. In addition to improving their understanding of international business management, students expanded their insight into negotiations and conflict resolution in the business environment. By developing a practical and working understanding of negotiations and conflict resolution, students are expected to lead their organizations through challenging business relationships as they expand globally and visits to companies such as Microsoft proved very valuable in linking theory to practice



GUST MBA students complete a course

at Grenoble University - France, 13-24 January  2014


GUST MBA class successfully completed an Entrepreneurship & Small BusinessManagement (MGMT 561) class at Grenoble University’s Graduate School of Business in France between January 13th and 24th, 2014. The course familiarized the students with the core principles of entrepreneurship.


Throughout this course, the twenty GUST graduate (MBA) students were introduced to the techniques on how to be a successful entrepreneur. They were first lectured on the philosophies of how to create “new idea innovation” and its “strategic positioning.” The students were exposed to the various types of research and analysis that an entrepreneur would need to ensure the success of an entrepreneur, such as: Assessment Elements, Market Research, Competitive Analysis, Risk Analysis and Financial Analysis.

The distinctive feature of the course delivery is the hands on experience on how to construct both business models and business plans through funding basics. Many other vital topics were introduced including: e-marketing management, virtual communication as well as all the new trends in technology to support the entrepreneurship endeavor.


“This was a unique opportunity for the students to experience a more practical approach to education on a topic that is not of our faculty expertise, they have the chance to defend their cases before a professional jury selected from key industries in Grenoble” said Prof. Issam AlMoughrabi. A trip does not drift by without some extra-curricular activities, the students got a whiff of some French dishes which they made themselves and had the opportunity to visit prominent companies and social events including a weekend in Paris with visits to the Eiffel Tower and Versailles Palace and some even went as far as EuroDisney.